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Review Wheelset Dasar Bule a.k.a Clayton Marshall

This article is written and published for honoring of Clayton Marshall a.k.a Dasar Bule, as one of the best wheelset custom builder I've ever known.

Due to his origin is not from Indonesia, I will write this article both in Indonesian and English.

Disclaimer: I bought this wheelset with normal price. This review is completely based on my personal opinion, non-biased and independent, I personally or YSCC as an organization, get no money or whatsoever from him.

It took me around 6 months or around 1.000 km using this wheelset just to let me fully experience it.

My first contact with him was around September 2017, got his number from my cycling friends (yes it's plural, maybe 4 or 5 friends of mine) who already built one before me and most of them are completely satisfied with him.

He is a real nice guy that you can just hop in and contact him personally via Whatsapp and amazingly fast  respond. He asked me a few things at first, my body weight, my main cycling activity that I intended to use with this wheelset and yes, my budget hahaha..

So this wheelset was mainly built for my multipurpose cycling, climbing, flat and you know the road condition in Indonesia, harsh, but I also told him that I am a non competitive triathlon enthusiast, so, I would love a really fast pace.

It ended up with Chris King Hub (non ceramic) with Sapim aero spokes with his own custom rim. I completely forgot the details, so I might make some mistakes. Basically if you want to make a completely custom stuff, you don't really need to know the details, because he knows better. Just yank everything you need and trust him. Like a haircut hahaha..

About a few days, faster than what he promised me, the package arrived safely in my house wohooo..

The package was so nice. Tight, solid, no moving parts. He put some padding just to make sure everything was tight.

All of the contact parts wrapped in plastic just to make sure nothing will be scratched.

This wheelset came with a coffee powder, a nice one actually, a small touch that I really appreciate so much. Not just because I really love coffee, but it's a simple act of love to support his local coffee shop. I really appreciate it man, I really do.

He also gave me free brakepad that he recommended, which was also awesomely nice. The quick release axle and spare spoke as well. Not to forget his name card with a really nice cartoon illustration touch hahaha..

I really did surprise when I opened it he put a note in the rim tape which state

Rear Wheelset
"The worst day on the bike is better than the best day at the office." :) Dasarbule!

Front Wheelset

Oh my God! I really love your personal touch bro hahaha..

I did check the weight on my manual brew coffee scale and was is almost about what written in the rim tape.

Front: my scale 752 gram, written 718 gram

Rear: my scale  938 gram, written 905 gram

Some other pictures for your viewing pleasure.

It looks really nice in my Parlee ESX-R hahahaha..

Enough with the unpacking, how is it ride?

I can't really stress enough about the rigidity and how it smoothly handle the corner but in the other hand, it really built like a tank. I hit a hole a couple of time, accidentally, I even hit it pretty hard on my Bali Triathlon in 40 km / hour which at that time I really taught that it will bent or blow my clincher tire but surprisingly not even a scratch.

After around 1000 km, in multiple terrain, multiple race, triathlon, easy ride, or whatsoever I can't really express how happy I am with his job. I wish I could turn back time not to buy all my previous wheelset and build all custom.

So this guy is seriously someone to really consider, disregard your weight, budget and riding type.
I will come back for more bro.. hahaha..

Hari Nugroho

Saturday, June 23rd 2018

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